Uncontested Probate

We are able to assist you at this most difficult time, to save you the stress and frustration and what can sometimes be an extremely admin-heavy exercise with Banks, Building Societies, Life Insurance and Pension providers. We will collect all available funds on behalf of the Estate, and apply for the Grant of Probate, which includes the completion of all required documents for HMRC Inheritance Tax, together with arranging for payment of tax as appropriate out of the proceeds of the Estate prior to distributing the remaining funds.

Our fee is fixed at 4% of the Total Estate Value plus VAT, and any disbursements in the matter. Those disbursements being:

  1. Probate Court Fee of £155
  2. £1 for each Court Sealed copy of the Grant of Probate
  3. £10 swearing of the Oath (Per Executor)
  4. £62.15 post in the London Gazette – Protects against unexpected claims from unknown creditors
  5. £100 – £300 depending on the local newspaper for the above reasons
  6. Land Registry Fees to be advised

In addition, we will take care of any Bills, expenses or funeral costs as part of our fee out of the Estate, and will report back to you once a month to advise of our progress.

Our Fee does not include:

  • Advising on Deeds of Variation
  • Completion of any Deeds in connection with any underlying trusts under the Will or Intestacy
  • Advising on any claims that may be brought against the Estate
  • Any property selling costs associated with the Sale of a house/property
  • Inspection and inventory taken from a property
  • Anything else not included as part of the standard Probate practice