Contracts, Redundancy, Role & Terms Changes

Whilst austerity continues to constrain public services budgets, professionals and middle managers particularly, have continued to be the target for cost cutting.  Whilst most public service bodies are fair there are increasing occasions when collective bargaining has seen professionals and middle managers axed with little regard for their performance or that of their departments.  With trade union support dissipated, professionals and middle managers feel abandoned.

Mayflower Solicitors has been highly active in providing advice in these circumstances with a well honed set of services to contest redundancy, roles and terms and conditions changes, with a record of securing improved terms for our clients.

Mayflower provides the following services:

    • Service contract negotiations
    • Employment contract negotiations
    • Discrimination claims
    • Unfair dismissal
    • Redundancy
    • Health and safety claims
    • Employment Tribunal hearing