Probate and Estate Administration

The death of a family member is understandably a difficult and emotional time. Whether you are a relative or the appointed Executor, you may find the challenges of funeral arrangements and administering the deceased’s estate particularly onerous and complex.

Mayflower’s experienced probate lawyers can help ease the full administrative burden of these tasks, with the level of support and assistance that you require.

If you wish to undertake the administration of the estate, and just need a guiding hand, our courteous and friendly team can provide you with as much or as little expert advice as you require.  Alternatively, we can manage the entire process on your behalf, from calculating the estate value, registering Grant of Probate and Inheritance Tax submissions, to administering distribution of the estate assets and arrangements for dependents.

We are also happy to provide additional tax related advice for the beneficiaries such as minimising the future Inheritance Tax exposure of beneficiaries passing assets to the next generation with Variations of Wills and Trusts, or the tax efficient sale of properties with a Deed of Assent as required.

Mayflowers probate and estate services offer the following:

    • Dealing with tax issues.
    • Preparing and lodging the application for a Grant of Representation
    • Dealing with relevant financial institutions to collect in monies due to the estate.
    • Preparation of Variation of Wills and Trust Instruments
    • Settling any outstanding debts.
    • Distributing the remaining estate to the beneficiaries
    • Sale of shares.
    • Sale of land and property
    • Contested probate.

Making a Will is vital.  No matter how young or fit you feel it is essential that should you die unexpectedly, not only are your assets passed on as you would wish, but most importantly, care arrangements for any children or dependents that you have are made as you would intend.

Mayflower Solicitors will listen carefully to your wishes and provide you with a tailored Will to reflect your particular circumstances. It will secure the arrangements you wish to put in place, and ensure that those people whom you wish to benefit from your estate are provided for.

Under your direction, the Will will also ensure that the people you would want to manage your affairs are appointed as your executors, and that the appropriate instructions are given for the management of your estate.

We are also happy to advise on or amend existing Wills, or to give you clear explanations of their terms.

We will also provide you tax planning advice where necessary, whether that is planning for potential Inheritance Tax, setting-up Trusts or the provision of Lifetime Gifts.

Our services include:

    • Advice on lifetime gifts to your family and potential Inheritance Tax implications
    • Issues in Wills such as; guardianship, adoption and divorce – including contact and residence issues relating to children
    • Preparation of Wills, Trusts and Deeds.
    • Reviewing and amendment of Wills
    • Power of Attorney
    • Asset protection

Power of Attorney

Increasing physical and mental incapacity in the elderly is a fact of life and one likely to affect most of us.  Whether one’s own decline is gradual or unforeseen, making arrangements now to have others act on your behalf as Lasting Power of Attorney to manage your financial and personal welfare is a prudent provision.

Mayflower will both draw up the necessary documentation and be available, as required, to assist your nominated Attorneys in understanding their role at the time of appointment, and when regrettably they must, to assist them in performing your administration.

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