Personal debt, bankruptcy and repossession issues are increasingly hitting hard-working families as the tough economic climate and austerity persist.

If you are struggling to make payments for mortgages, loans or other commitments such as rent, or you are expecting a major cost that you cannot afford, it is best to seek expert legal advice quickly to gain as much control as possible over your situation.

Mayflower Solicitors has great experience in helping individuals and families manage these situations proactively, taking the most practical approach, and supporting you through the process.  Each case is unique depending on the amounts owed, and the income and assets available to support the debt.  In some circumstances it is best to seek an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) where responsibility for the debt and your finances are handled a mediator to reach an acceptable compromise with the creditors.  Alternatively where there is little available to pay-off the debt, bankruptcy might be the better option.

The Mayflower team is highly experienced in helping you decide on the most appropriate route and familiar with a wide range of lenders and creditors with whom it will be necessary to negotiate on your behalf.

Mayflower advises on the following issues:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • Defending or bringing bankruptcy proceedings.