Legal Aid and Assisted Legal Advice

Whilst we ensure that all the legal advice we provide is affordable, we understand that sometimes people unfortunately have legal issues and concerns but insufficient financial resources to get the legal advice they need.

At Mayflower we have worked closely with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Legal Aid Agency to develop free legal services for the community.  Since we obtained a Legal Aid contract during 2010, we have been conducting free employment consultations and claims, and housing, homelessness and debt cases, funded by Legal Aid, for qualifying individuals.

Am I entitled to free Legal Advice?

Following an initial telephone consultation we have a remit to provide further legal help for Housing and Debt matters to any individuals eligible for Legal Aid. Anyone receiving Passported Benefits, such as Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance or Guarantee Credit, automatically qualify for Legal Aid. Other criteria for eligibility can be found by visiting

For further details or to arrange an appointment, call us on 0845 233 0003 or 0121 245 4614.