Employment Law

Employment law and maintaining compliance with this constantly evolving and complex legislative framework is one of the great day-to-day administrative challenges for smaller businesses.  Many businesses make the mistake of not updating their policies and procedures and failing to ensure that they are complying with their duty as employers. This can result in costly consequence and put businesses at unnecessary risk.

Likewise managing staff within this fast changing set of regulations and procedures is fraught with hazard, particularly in situations of disciplinary action or redundancy.  Failure to tackle these matters within the detail of the law can frequently result in very poor outcomes and high costs, quite the opposite of what was intended for motivating and shaping a workforce.

Mayflower Employment and HR Support services are designed to reduce the administrative overhead and risks by providing you all the support you require to manage your workforce confidently and productively within the legislation.  We will help you design HR policies and procedures and draft employment contracts that fit your particular business.  We will provide regular and ad hoc consultation, to listen to you and provide advice for the plans you have, or to advise on immediate issues such as redundancies or stakeholder pensions.

In the case of disputes, disciplinary measures or grievances, we will support you all the way from internal hearings to attending Tribunals to settle matters quickly and effectively with the minimum disruption to your staff and business.

Mayflower Employment and HR service provide the following:

  • Regulation and Disciplinary
  • Contracts, Redundancy, Role & Terms Changes
  • Services for Businesses
  • Dedicated employers legal advice scheme
  • Confidentiality & business protection  
  • Compromise & settlement agreements
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Injunctive relief
  • Employment tribunals and appeal Tribunals
  • High Court Litigation
  • Labour & Trade Union law
  • TUPE related matters
  • Corporate HR Due Diligence
  • HR policies & procedures
  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Staff grievances
  • Workplace discrimination claims
  • Redundancy Planning
  • Health and Safety policies

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