Business Formation, Sale and Acquisition

Setting up a new business, merging, selling or changing business structures all present significant legal implications that are often overshadowed by accounting, tax and financing considerations.  Failure to take the appropriate legal advice and steps at the outset can result in significant and unnecessary problems in the future as the business evolves and the interests of colleagues diverge.

Mayflower’s wealth of experience in business formation, employment, regulatory and property issues will help ensure that you choose the most effective structure (Sole Trader to Limited Company or Partnership/LLP for example) and maintain the required compliance.  Crucially, we will work to ensure that you achieve maximum protection for yourself, your business, your assets and family with relation to terms and agreements with your fellow directors, partners, shareholders, investors or lenders.

And, as your business flourishes we look to help you achieve the maximum from its sale, or from the acquisition of other businesses and assets.  Again, the Mayflower Commercial team is experienced in working with accountants, tax consultants and lenders to ensure a comprehensive approach and outcome to every transaction. 

Our services cover the following formation services;

    • Sole Trader
    • Limited liability company and joint ventures
    • Directors service agreements
    • Limited liability partnership (LLP) & member related issues
    • Advice on loans, debentures and security issuesTUPE related matters
    • Corporate HR due diligence
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Partnership
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Business sales and acquisitions