Company and Commercial Law

A Trusted Partner to Business Owners

Managing a business is a taxing affair fraught with legal issues from events like buying or selling a business, and contract problems, to a plethora of day to day regulations, such as employment law, HR procedures, Health and Safety regulations, as well as making sense of general commercial issues.

Time is money for businesses, but legal errors are frequently costly or worse catastrophic.  Our commercial legal services are therefore founded on providing a long term legal support partnership for the owners of small and medium sized business, from start-up to conversion to plc.

We understand that business owners want a commercial partner when it comes to legal services. They demand getting business value, not just having the matter dealt with.

At Mayflower we aim to provide a trusted counsel service specifically for business owners.  We aim to help business owners take a proactive stance to legal matters, not just to be fully protected or better prepared when events do occur, but to be in a position to actually plan ahead and take advantage of situations.

You will find that our solicitors not only provide advice but take time to listen to your needs and value your input, because we understand the primary role of the client in achieving the most effective commercial outcome to an issue.

Mayflower specialises in the following areas, however if you have a query relating to a matter which is not listed below feel free to contact us and we will assist you to the best of our capability.

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