Employment Tribunals for Unfair/Wrongful Dismissals

Our Fees provide a guide to our charges in order to bring or defend claim under this heading. There may be a requirement for you to pay for additional services, which we will discuss with you at the commencement of your claim, when you attend our Initial Consultation, for which we charge £250 plus VAT for the two hour meeting with our Director in charge of your case, who will guide you through the stages and processes involved, as we will briefly detail below.

Generally, our fees are based on the complexity of your case, and will fall under the following categories:

Straightforward case: £5,000 to £8,000 plus VAT, which will normally include a one day hearing

Complex case: £8,000 to £11,000 plus VAT which will include a hearing that takes up to three days

Highly complex case: Over £11,000 plus VAT, which will include a hearing that takes more than three days.


On occasion, a claim does require us to attend a further Tribunal Hearing, at which point we will charge £1,800 plus VAT per day, however we will advise of this in advance.

In addition, you will be liable to pay disbursements on top of the above fees, which include items such as Travel costs, Court fees and Barristers fees.  Any additional fees will be advised to you in advance of incurring the same.

The above fees cover the following general work on your matter, and form the process to which a claim is dealt with:

  1. Following the initial Consultation, we enter into pre-claim discussions with the other party to see if an amicable resolution can be reached
  2. Preparing and finalising the Claim or Response to Claim
  3. Reviewing and advising you at all times as to the likely outcomes and the risk of continuing with further discussions
  4. Preparing or reviewing the Schedule of Loss
  5. Preparation for and attendance at a Preliminary Hearing
  6. Drafting statements and liaising with witnesses, together with collating of all evidence required to build as strong a case as possible, together with drafting a Chronology of events
  7. Preparing for and attending a Final Hearing, if necessary, together with instructing Counsel, if required

As we are specialists in the field, we also carry out work for organisations of any size based on a Service Level Agreement. These fee rates will be determined by the scope of the agreed service to be provided.