About Us

At Mayflower Solicitors we believe that everyone has the right to receive exceptional legal advice at an affordable price, whether you run a business or require legal services as an individual.

Mayflower Solicitors is a new generation commercial law firm committed to providing outstanding legal services.   We conduct our business in a refreshingly enthusiastic and efficient manner aiming to provide a totally transparent service built on integrity, trust and a genuine passion to deliver the highest quality and value to our clients.

People Centric

Whilst most firms claim to put the client first and centre, Mayflower prides itself on understanding the importance of building lasting legal relationships and working closely with our clients in order to provide the best possible solutions to their very individual legal issues.

In fact, our firm strategy and ethos is designed entirely around the individual – the owners of businesses, professionals (principally in health, social care and public service) and private clients, for whom we carefully match our staff and services to their individual needs.

Value Focused

We place the greatest emphasis on delivering value to clients, providing the highest quality and standards of work at an affordable price, but without compromise.

We aim to provide the most expedient solutions looking for practical pragmatic alternatives wherever possible, such as mediation rather than immediately resorting to costly litigation. Crucially we aim to provide a thoroughly ‘commercial’ service which adds value to your business or to you as an individual, rather than just performing the work.

Depth of Service

We look to provide depth, not an endless portfolio of services.  Mayflower’s small but important team of people is aligned to our focused areas of practice to ensure the excellence and competitiveness of these selected services.

Mayflower prides itself on providing a one-stop in-house advocacy service which saves clients time and costs should litigation be required.  In more demanding situations, we work with a panel of independent barristers chambers across the UK to assists us in the preparing of your case.

We likewise work closely with a small number of selected partners in accountancy and finance to ensure that we can bring to bear a fully rounded solution that takes into account all facets of an issue.

Services for Businesses

Time is money for businesses, but legal errors are frequently costly or worse catastrophic.

Today, managing a business is a taxing affair fraught with legal issues from events like buying or selling a business, and contract problems, to a plethora of day to day regulations, such as employment law.  Our commercial legal services are therefore founded on providing a legal support partnership for the owners of small and medium sized business.

We understand that business owners want a commercial partner when it comes to legal services.  At Mayflower we therefore aim to help business owners take a proactive stance to legal matters, not just to be fully protected or better prepared when events do occur, but to be in a position to actually plan ahead and take advantage of situations.

Services for Individuals

Our private client services are focused on personal matters of employment and end-of-life management, where Mayflower service tenants of accuracy and sensitivity are paramount.

Again we aim to provide our private clients a partnership service where we can assist in making the best life plans as well as supporting them through personally challenging events.

Mayflowers employment law expertise serves both employers and employees and our insight from both perspectives provides individuals a highly effective service.  We have further specialism supporting those in the Professions (medical, social care and public service) where our knowledge of professional contracts and regulations are vital to supporting clients in service contract negotiations to redundancy and disciplinary situations.

Community Responsibilities and Services

Consistent with our ethos of transparency and quality, we recognise the responsibilities of businesses to their local community.  We are therefore proud to commit resources to help improve the welfare of individuals in the community.   We make a significant commitment to Pro Bono (free assistance to qualifying individuals) particularly in areas of housing and financial difficulties.  We also work closely with the Legal Aid Agency and Citizens Advice Bureau to help qualifying individuals gain access to the essential legal advice that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

We are happy to take calls from individuals whether they are long term clients or people who are in immediate need for guidance around employment issues or managing the affairs of loved ones or critical housing and financial issues.